Who We Are

Our mission

Vital Wave believes technology can transform lives. The company provides end-to-end services to scale digital technology globally. Vital Wave draws on a full range of enterprise-grade implementation capabilities, proven methodologies, and decades of field experience to advance global development through sustainable digital solutions.

What We Do

Market Assessment and Strategy
Market Assessment and Strategy
Vital Wave applies years of field experience, proven methodologies (quantitative and qualitative research, data-driven analytics, and user-focused design), and deep knowledge of the local business systems to deliver actionable strategies to scale digital solutions in diverse markets.
Digital Solution Implementation
Vital Wave implements enterprise-grade platforms and applications with the best-in-class project and product management, engineering, partnership, and business development processes. By applying expertise across business and technical disciplines, the company achieves maximum efficiency, reach, and effectiveness.
Optimization and Scale
Vital Wave optimizes digital solutions, business models, and partnerships for national, regional, and global environments. The company provides highly localized services that build capacity, support ecosystem development, and create a supportive environment for digital solution diffusion and scale.

Our Work

Vital Wave partners with governments, international donors, and private-sector companies to deliver digital solutions that amplify the reach, uptake, and efficiency of programs and national systems. The map below demonstrates the geographic reach of our work since 2005. Click the markers to view our featured case studies.