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Development organizations and governments are increasingly employing digital solutions to drive transformative social and economic impact worldwide. Digital solutions can open new economic opportunities for all citizens and improve the reach and delivery of digital services in areas including health, payments, government, and agriculture.

Vital Wave provides end-to-end services to achieve the national or international scale of digital development projects. The firm’s three service areas align with project lifecycles: Market Assessment and Strategy, Digital Solution Implementation, and Optimization and Scale.

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Market Assessment and Strategy
Market Assessment and Strategy

Market Assessment and Strategy

Vital Wave applies years of field experience, proven methodologies (quantitative and qualitative research, data-driven analytics, and user-focused design), and deep knowledge of the local business systems to deliver actionable strategies to scale digital solutions in diverse markets.

Many projects begin with a strategic needs assessment. Clients engage Vital Wave to landscape local needs, market conditions, and ecosystems and identify problems and opportunities for possible interventions. The company uses an ecosystem approach to define actionable strategies for scale.

When a client invests in digital solutions, Vital Wave helps build awareness and alignment among decision-makers to ensure buy-in and adoption. This process often includes an assessment of the policy and regulatory environment and strategic plans for effective advocacy and policy guidance.

Strategic Needs Assessments
  • Customer Needs Assessments
  • Segmentation Modeling
  • Market Opportunity Modeling
  • Value Chain Stakeholder Mapping and Sustainability Assessments
  • Ecosystem Mapping
Industry & Field Leadership
  • Advocacy and Awareness
  • Resources and Tool Development and Dissemination
  • Stakeholder Alignment and Network Building
  • Organizational Development
  • Fundraising
Policy & Regulatory
  • Local or Regional Regulatory and Policy Environment Assessments (IT, Social, Economic, Business Environment)
  • Digital Program Assessments (Government to Person (G2P), Education, Health)
  • Government Stakeholder Assessments
Implementation & Management

Digital Solution Implementation

Vital Wave implements enterprise-grade platforms and applications with the best-in-class project and product management, engineering, partnership, and business development processes. By applying expertise across business and technical disciplines, the company achieves maximum efficiency, reach, and effectiveness.

Vital Wave plans successful digital initiatives for scale and sustainability from the beginning. Vital Wave accomplishes this through partnership with national governments, international donors, and private-sector companies to plan and implement tech-enabled programs and solutions. The company considers both technical and non-technical elements, including business fundamentals, interoperability, partnerships, and change management.

Vital Wave optimizes established businesses and programs through technical system evaluation and improvement, monitoring and evaluation, and refined business management. The firm tests and proves the efficacy of programs through research, modeling, and pilots. Vital Wave also creates digital common goods and tools to facilitate wider ecosystem development and connections across key stakeholders.

  • Business Modeling
  • Business Case Development
  • Technology Provider and Partner Evaluation
  • Implementation Planning (Roles, Timelines, Budgets)
  • Operational and Funding Strategies
Technology Implementation Management
  • Whole Solution Definition
  • Solution Build and Implementation
  • Partner Negotiation and Management
  • Business Operations Integration
  • Training and Maintenance Programs
  • Quality Assurance and Program Improvements
  • Local Capacity Building and M&E Functions
Global Goods & Community of Practice Management
  • Design and Management of Communities of Practice
  • Identifying Common Needs and Creation of Digital Global Goods
  • Packaging and Dissemination of Global Goods and Other Collaborative Outputs
Optimization and Scale

Optimization and Scale

Vital Wave optimizes digital solutions, business models, and partnerships for national, regional, and global environments. The company provides highly localized services that build capacity, support ecosystem development, and create a supportive environment for digital solutions diffusion and scale.

Clients approach Vital Wave at all stages of a digital solution investment. Often, programs or solutions show promise at the pilot stage, but expanding and scaling within the broader ecosystem is challenging. Vital Wave extends the reach and effectiveness of programs by creating efficiencies in operations and service delivery.

Vital Wave and its partners support the institutionalization of programs by building capacity and promoting best practices. The company works with clients and government agencies to develop ecosystem-building policies and standards.

  • Expansion Strategy and Planning (Technical System, Business Operations, M&E)
  • Business Process Reengineering and Refinement
  • Training and Capacity Development
  • Ongoing Business and Technical System Support
Uptake & Use
  • Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Development
  • Data Mapping and Technical Integration
  • Business Process Integration
  • Change Management within Vertical Industry Systems (e.g., Health, Agriculture, Financial)
  • Education and Awareness Programs
  • Usage Incentive Programs
  • Bundling and Cross-Promotion with Complementary Services
Replication &
Standards Creation
  • Policy Guidelines Development
  • Data Standards Development
  • Interoperability Training and Design
  • Reference Technology Specifications Development
  • Solution Customization and Deployment Guidelines