Effective and strong governance can be critical to sustainably scaling digital investments. Vital Wave works with national governments to establish and implement governance structures and supporting processes.

Strong governance serves as the foundation of institutionalization, as it produces an embedded framework for managing and maintaining a digital system or program, thereby maximizing its long-term impact. As digital initiatives have expanded across low- and middle-income countries in recent years, there is increased emphasis on the establishment of robust governance structures and practices that ensure country ownership and facilitate effective and sustained management of digital systems.

Vital Wave brings years of experience in establishing effective governance in a variety of low- and middle-income contexts. Over the years, Vital Wave has partnered with several national governments including those of Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, South Africa, and the East African Community (EAC) to develop and launch digital initiatives with national- and regional-level governing structures. Through this work, the company has identified best practices and key critical success factors for the design and implementation of strong governance in these contexts.

The number of digital health products and services has more than doubled in the past five years.