From setting measurable administrative goals to improving public service delivery, governments are leveraging the power of technology in transformative ways.

New and emerging technologies have the power to improve the delivery of public services as well as help governments make data-driven decisions, ensure greater accountability and transparency, and build greater public trust. The modernization of government services, or digital government, represents a fundamental shift in the way governments around the world are embracing their mission. Digital technology has the ability to reduce costs, increase program effectiveness, and meet a higher standard of service.

Vital Wave works with national governments to transform and digitize services that are accessible, affordable, and inclusive. The company regularly assesses new and innovative technologies for government use, facilitates the creation of public-private partnerships, and collaboratively plans for the successful integration of technology across government ministries. Foundational building blocks such as connectivity, digital ID, digital payments, and national data registries are integrated, where appropriate, to ensure long-term sustainability.

E-government capacity is positively correlated with government effectiveness and lower perceptions of corruption.