Smart Data

Data is essential for informing businesses, service delivery, and socioeconomic programs. Vital Wave helps clients improve data access and use for decision making and performance.

More than ever, effective data analytics can help international donors, governments, and corporations identify growth strategies to improve reach, efficiency, and impact. Reliable data is needed throughout the life cycle of a program to support investment decisions, evaluate performance, and make ongoing improvements. Yet, lack of coordination, data ownership and control issues, insufficient governance structures, and low technical and analytical capabilities are persistent challenges for the use of data systems in low-resource settings.

Vital Wave provides end-to-end services to help international donors, governments, and businesses maximize the use of data for socioeconomic development. Vital Wave provides data-driven, user-centered landscape assessments, business cases, and financial and operational plans to guide programmatic investments. In addition, Vital Wave helps organizations improve data flows and build a culture of data use through change management and capacity-building.

The universe of all digital data created has grown 50-fold from the beginning of 2010.