Clients & Partners

Clients engage Vital Wave at all stages of a project lifecycle, from planning to optimization and scale. Clients and partners encompass all stakeholders in the digital development landscape, including national governments, international donors, and the private sector.

National Governments
National governments are essential partners in most Vital Wave engagements. The firm works closely with national, provincial, and municipal authorities to improve service delivery, set appropriate policies and regulations, and reduce costs through technology-enabled programs. To do so, Vital Wave employs a lead-from-behind approach that is adaptable and responsive to partner needs. The firm provides technical assistance that enables government partners to build their capacity, support ecosystem development, and diffuse locally-owned and driven digital implementations beyond the pilot phase.
International Donors
Vital Wave works with foundations and international development agencies to ensure their investments are efficient and impactful. These organizations regularly engage Vital Wave to devise strategies, plan and implement scalable development programs. Vital Wave works closely with its donor partners to craft scalable and well-integrated projects in the broader ecosystem and address some of the most pressing social and economic problems in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
Private Sector
Companies engage Vital Wave to set appropriate revenues and business growth strategies in low- and middle-income country markets. The firm helps business managers understand local market dynamics, regulatory and partnership environments, and business systems to pursue new, tech-enabled growth opportunities. Vital Wave also helps companies increase the impact of strategic initiatives at the intersection of business and social development.