Liz Grubin

Ms. Grubin’s work has focused on the appropriate application and use of technology across low- and middle-income countries, with an emphasis on sustainable impact. She regularly leads clients and key stakeholders through the strategy and design process, which has led to the creation of new programs and initiatives, such as catalytic funding mechanisms, or the design and implementation of specific digital solutions. Her projects have spanned industries such as health and financial services as well as topics including data use, interoperability, and artificial intelligence. Her portfolio includes Latin America, West, East and Southern Africa, and Asia.

Ms. Grubin brings a keen eye for detail and talent for combining tactical and strategic management throughout each engagement. Her proactive approach ensures that day-to-day activities consistently align with the overall project vision and goals. In addition, her programmatic background and technology neutral perspective results in practical and actionable solutions for partners, national governments, and private-sector clients. Most importantly, Ms. Grubin’s work is focused on incorporating a variety of inputs while building consensus across multi-stakeholder engagements.

Prior to Vital Wave, Ms. Grubin served as project manager for international development NGOs (Impact Carbon) and management consulting firms (ICF International). She holds a Master’s in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University.