Jacqui Watson

Ms. Watson is a South African-based analyst with a passion for using service design thinking to find solutions to complex problems. Ms. Watson uses this approach to create and develop digital health services for governments, NGOs and social impact organizations. She bring years of experience in designing digital solutions to improve information sharing and access to data, including national scale maternal health messaging platforms in South Africa, Uganda, and Nigeria. Ms. Watson applies her training to ensure user needs are well represented in the design process, and that interventions meet the needs, as well as capabilities, of end users. She has extensive experience in stakeholder management, as well as successful collaboration with cross-functional teams. Most recently, Ms. Watson managed a digital health project focused on the centralization and use of patient data, as well as contributed to the design, testing, and implementation of a Common Data Dictionary for global malaria surveillance and elimination programs. She has also worked on the translation of artificial intelligence and machine learning into low-resource environments and mapped TB and HIV patient journeys to inform how digital tools can be designed to support a streamlined process.