Digital Public Infrastructure for Health

In collaboration with Co-Develop and PATH, Vital Wave led the development of a report exploring how to take a Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) approach in the digital health domain. The report identifies key components of DPI for health (DPI-H) by analyzing the common digital components underlie many priority digital health use cases across a set of user journeys, as well as key enablers in the broader environment. The work included a review of the current state of products through which DPI-H could be implemented, and examined current challenges in the digital health landscape that will need to be overcome to facilitate DPI-H implementation. The report identifies eight investment strategies and illustrative opportunities, which span global and country levels. Together, the strategies aim to develop a strong global market of infrastructure-ready products, strengthen data governance tools, continue to strengthen country-level leadership, technical, and regulatory capacity, and ultimately support country-level implementations of DPI-H. With this approach, DPI-H can support an ecosystem of digital health applications that support priority digital health interventions now and in the future.


Download the report here: Digital Public Infrastructure for Health

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