Pierre Dane

Pierre Dane is a health technologist with a background in software development and database engineering. He began his IT career working in data warehousing at one of South Africa’s largest hospital groups, and spent ten years working in London across a number of sectors, including insurance, digital music, social networking and online advertising. His time at MySpace as Software Team Lead and at Struq as Director of Data Science gave him experience in working at massive scale, building low-latency systems dealing with billions of transactions a day. Upon returning to South Africa, Mr. Dane found his way to Jembi Health Systems, where he developed a keen interest in public health and health information systems. As Software Development Manager and Director of Technology at Jembi, Mr. Dane worked across many functions, encompassing software and database engineering, solutions architecture and program and grant management. He is also deeply involved in the DHIS2 Experts community and OpenHIE, and is currently completing his MPH in Epidemiology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.