Philippe Veltsos

Philippe Veltsos is a leading innovator and entrepreneur in public health with a passion for addressing global issues through digital technologies. As Vital Wave’s Chief Technology Officer, he brings over 20 years of strategic leadership and implementation experience working with public health agencies, partners, and global donors. His work consistently embraces the design of fit-for-purpose digital solutions that align with international best practices, the integration of global goods, and the application of industry standards.

Mr. Veltsos brings a unique combination of technical, programmatic, and executive experience. As an officer at Vital Wave, he contributes to high-quality service delivery, technical methodologies, trusted client engagement, and corporate strategy. His skill set and leadership ensure that effective technical solutions address client needs along with ecosystem constraints and challenges.

In working with key stakeholders across the global digital health field, Mr. Veltsos has ensured the coordination, adaptation and use of fit-for-purpose digital solutions and global goods that strengthen country systems and ownership. As the Technical Director for Digital Health within Digital Square at PATH, he provided strategic leadership and direction ensuring technical rigor across PATH’s digital initiatives and programs. While at the World Health Organization (WHO), Mr. Veltsos drove the creation of technical standards and guidelines in response to COVID-19 while supporting the effective use of IT solutions internally. This is complemented by his role as co-founder and CEO of Novel-T, a public-health professional services firm. Under his leadership, Novel-T grew to serve the digital health community and dozens of country governments with digital solutions focused on data analytics and visualization, data integration and harmonization, and GIS.

Mr. Veltsos has numerous technical certifications, a master’s degree in Business Administration, and a master’s degree in Science and Telecommunications. He is fluent in both English and French.