Leah Gatt

Leah Gatt brings years of experience in research, analysis, and on-the-ground implementation, particularly in digital financial services. At Vital Wave, Ms. Gatt supports the development of policies and best practices across projects; provides stakeholder management with MNOs, technology providers, the private sector, NGOs and donors; and, supports partners in developing the appropriate technical, operational, and financial internal policies in response to organizational change.

She has served in research, analysis, and on-the-ground management capacities for projects in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya. For example, she has played a critical role in the “Better Than Cash” program in Uganda. Throughout this engagement, Ms. Gatt managed the Uganda country team, vetted local project participants, worked directly with aggregators and mobile network operators on processes and pricing, created useful tools for stakeholders, and documented practices. Her efforts facilitated the transition to digital payments and provided greater transparency and efficiency. Prior to joining Vital Wave, she worked with the European Commission’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Ms. Gatt also conducted research with Lagos State Government with high-level state officials and taxpayers, where she advised the government on issues of taxation and legislation.

Ms. Gatt holds a Master’s in African Studies from the University of Oxford, and a Master’s in International Relations and Economic Diplomacy from the London School of Economics and Political Science.  She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Malta, and speaks Maltese and French.