Julie Pohlig

A founder and key contributor to all aspects of Vital Wave’s business, Julie Pohlig brings creativity and experience to project conceptualization, analysis, and presentation. Ms. Pohlig applies a diverse set of methodologies, resources, and story-telling tools to help clients solve problems. Julie often codifies company methodologies and supports project teams with the creation of model deliverables, data synthesis, and the articulation of actionable strategies. Ms. Pohlig also supports corporate strategy and is responsible for elevating Vital Wave’s profile to diverse audiences. Earlier, in the roles of lead analyst and project architect, she designed project engagements and conducted novel, insightful market analyses, sizing and segmentation studies, business systems analyses, primary research, and business cases.

Ms. Pohlig is also a primary force behind Vital Wave’s position as a thought leader in topics such as mServices business models, cross-sector technology applications, and the use of mobile devices by women in emerging markets. She has played a key role in the production of many of the company’s high-profile reports, including “Sustainable Financing for mHealth” and “Women and Mobile: A Global Opportunity.”

Ms. Pohlig holds a Master’s degree in Pacific International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego and undergraduate degrees in Journalism and East Asian Studies from the University of Missouri. She is based in Costa Rica and has lived and worked in Japan and throughout Central America.

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