Market Analytics to Inform Global Digital Goods

Vital Wave was engaged by a global organization to help establish a greater understanding of two key topics within the digital health ecosystem: First, the role of the private sector in LMIC digital health and, second, where global goods can maximize the growth of digital health and the sustainability of country-level ecosystems. The firm examined these questions through highly collaborative research and an integrated analysis approach. This approach included assessing the digital health ecosystem holistically as well as through three countries (Kenya, Mozambique, and India). The project methodology utilized a value chain analysis approach to examine the service, product, and funding flows taking place at each link as well as the risk and level of competition. This methodology resulted in a characterization of the activities and skills required, as well as the financial rewards available for organizations that decide to participate or compete in a given value chain. Final results were tested and refined through in-country research. This integrated approach provided a detailed, field-validated analysis that contributed to answering both the primary questions mentioned above, along with a concrete, consistent view of digital health market dynamics in a variety of environments.

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