HIS Evaluation in Zimbabwe

Vital Wave partnered with the Government of Zimbabwe to conduct a country-wide Electronic Health Record (EHR) landscape analysis, which was contextualized within the overall health information system (HIS), as well as integrated global inputs and learnings. The purpose of the study was to understand gaps and opportunities in the use of patient-level data via a locally-developed EHR and linked HIS to plan, deliver, and monitor health services, while reducing duplication of efforts and the use of redundant systems and resources. Vital Wave applied its resident knowledge and a combination of in-depth research and stakeholder involvement to develop a strategic roadmap and a set of concrete recommendations to further the successful use of EHRs. This informed a more coherent digital health architecture and strategy for the Government of Zimbabwe. In conducting necessary research, Vital Wave employed a user centered and systems-based approach. The work characterized the demand for EHRs in the context of concrete use cases for EHR users and program managers in identified health programs and of the various capabilities Zimbabwe is working to achieve through the scale up of EHRs. In addition, the research involved a code review of the EHR platform and delivery of detailed recommendations to improve platform performance and usability.

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