Emerging Technology for Remote Oversight

Recent technological advances have created an opportunity to provide real-time oversight for donors implementing reconstruction and recovery projects in fragile, conflict, and violent contexts. Vital Wave worked with a global donor to conduct a rapid technology assessment of blockchain, social media, geotagging, satellite imagery, mobile payments, Internet of Things, and big data analysis to identify the opportunities for use in overseeing the reconstruction investments in Iraq, Yemen, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Vital Wave worked closely with country programs to understand their oversight needs and then engaged with various technology providers to understand the operational and technical requirements, appropriateness, and the associated costs to implement each of the disruptive solutions that would suit those needs. Ultimately, the assessment demonstrated that a number of technologies were applicable for smart fiduciary oversight with some emerging as stronger candidates for immediate implementation and better value for money.

Following the assessment, the firm was further engaged to develop a costed implementation plan for two priority solutions in select countries. Implementation plans included identification of the most appropriate technology vendors and key partners, their respective responsibilities and contributions to the project, and respective costs associated with implementation.

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