Digital Bulk Payments Implementation Toolkit: A Uganda Bulk Payer’s Start-Up Guide

Vital Wave was engaged by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to create a Bulk Payment Implementation Toolkit. The Toolkit grew out of discussions with key stakeholders in Uganda, including Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), aggregators, and organizations seeking to transition from the use of cash to mobile bulk payments. Transitioning to a digital payment system for beneficiaries can yield a number of positive results, including lowering the risk of theft and fraud, increasing accountability and auditability of funds, enabling real-time reconciliation, and reducing costs associated with transporting cash. Digital payments also help beneficiaries who no longer have to wait long hours to collect their payments, and who may gain access to additional financial services. Moving to digital bulk payments requires a number of steps, including choosing a vendor, communicating with staff and payees, and defining reporting requirements. Vital Wave developed the Bulk Payment Implementation Toolkit to aid Ugandan organizations through the process of adopting digital bulk payments.  It is intended to provide first time bulk payers in Uganda with a how-to guide, covering the key steps that are involved in planning for and implementing an organization’s first bulk payment, from management decision-making through internal team responsibilities, vendor selection, and payment execution.

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