Phase 4: Training and Payment Preparation

Phase4This phase focuses on making sure all staff are trained on how to make payments, that all payees are registered to receive mobile money, and that adequate cash out points have been identified for payees to use after they have been paid. Everything that happens on payment day, from using the payments software, to disbursing funds and cashing out at designated agent points, should be well understood to avoid unwanted surprises.

Key Activities:

  • Identification of assistance requirements (e.g., training, payee registration)
  • Registration of staff and payees
  • Training of staff and payees
  • Communication of payment locations to vendor and assessment of agent network
  • Collection, upload, and verification of payee information

Toolkit Resources for Phase 4:

Estimated Duration of Phase: 3 months

Key Learning: Key ecosystem constraints that may emerge include agent network and agent liquidity. It is important to ensure that these are maintained and monitored in order to minimize payee frustration.

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