Phase 3: Account and Process Planning

Phase3This phase involves setting up the organization’s bulk payment account, developing a project plan both internally and with the selected vendor, assessing the organization’s existing payment infrastructure, and assigning roles and responsibilities to individuals involved in the payment process. Developing the right plan and internal processes during this phase is critical as the outcomes will directly impact all subsequent phases.

Key Activities:

  • Provide bulk payer with project plan and account representative
  • Submission of KYC documents to the vendor
  • Identification of staff to be given account access
  • Setup of bulk payment account
  • Identification of report, audit needs
  • Development of internal bulk payment processes, policies, and forms
  • Setup of internet connection (if needed)

Toolkit Resources for Phase 3:

Estimated Duration of Phase: 3 months

Key Learning: The payment mapping exercise is a key activity and may potentially lead to contract revisions.

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