Emerging-Market Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley: Making the Mobile Connection

These are promising times for entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Launching new mobile products and services has never been faster or cheaper, and the pool of digitally savvy, connected consumers grows daily.

However, while launching a new mobile product or service is easier than ever, scaling one is not. Many emerging-market entrepreneurs lack experience in effective marketing, optimizing service architecture for scale, or capturing and analyzing user data to steer growth and development.
Recognizing these needs, many have wondered if Silicon Valley, with abundant capital and a track record of disruptive innovation, is poised to help mobile startups scale in emerging markets. Companies in the Valley are now looking toward the widespread adoption of mobile in emerging markets and planning their growth strategy around these future users.

To continue its historic influence in global technology markets, Silicon Valley has an opportunity to engage with the entrepreneurs who are building products and services for the next billion consumers. These entrepreneurs are increasingly positioned to influence a large portion of the estimated six billion smartphone connections that will be in use by 2020, nearly 80% of which will be in emerging markets.

Release date: December 2014 
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