Shivani Khanna

Shivani Khanna is an expert in financial services, mobile payments, and global market development. As a Senior Analyst at Vital Wave, she has led complex, multi-sector projects in Africa and Asia. She brings keen insight and an ability to articulate long-term strategic priorities and identify the products, services, and partnerships required to implement strategy.

Ms. Khanna utilizes a systems thinking, whole product, and analytical framework driven approach. Her work has focused on integrating products and technologies, particularly payment and mobile platforms, to deliver scalable solutions in emerging markets (e.g., prepaid and mobile platform to enable financial services, including payments and remittances). She has managed all stages of strategic initiatives including situation analysis, landscape assessment, primary research, opportunity definition, and implementation recommendations.

Prior to her work with Vital Wave, Ms. Khanna held positions in both the financial services sector (Visa Inc.) and in international development (Global Equal Access). She has extensive international experience in India, Latin America, and Africa. She holds an MBA, with concentrations in Finance and Marketing, from the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University. She also has a Masters’ in Psychology from Duquesne University.