Katherine de Tolly

Katherine de Tolly brings years of experience working at the intersection of health and technology, particularly mHealth, as well as considerable research and analysis skills to the Vital Wave team. Sample Vital Wave engagements include the investigation of potential mHealth solutions to meet the needs of informal workers in the global workforce, and teaming with South Africa’s national department of health to align TB and HIV data systems. Previously, in the role of Project Manager and Senior Researcher at Cell-Life, a non-profit organization that provides technology-based solutions for the management of health in developing countries, she garnered impressive skills in research, analysis, and non-profit management. With Cell-Life, Ms. de Tolly worked on projects focused on maternal and child health, HIV, PMTCT, and TB.
Based in South Africa, Ms. de Tolly is well acquainted with the various stakeholders and organizations applying technology solutions to improve local and national health systems. She has a Master’s degree from the University of Pretoria in Informatics.