Chris Lukolyo

Chris Lukolyo is a senior consultant with Vital Wave. He is an ICT4D and Big Data for Development expert and has managed innovative teams and initiatives leveraging digital data and ICT to meet humanitarian and development challenges across the world. Mr. Lukolyo has experience in building and managing public and private sector partnerships, especially in low-to-middle-income-country settings. He possesses extensive experience taking digital innovation projects from idea to proof-of-concept to large-scale implementation.

At Vital Wave, Mr. Lukolyo has led and contributed to the firm’s in-country work on digital financial services (DFS) projects. He has spearheaded research to identify bottlenecks for DFS expansion and opportunities for investment to expand availability and access across Africa. Mr. Lukolyo has also conducted deep market analysis in several African countries including Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, DRC, South Africa, and Ethiopia. Previously, Mr. Lukolyo served as partnerships coordinator at United Nations Global Pulse – the big data innovations initiative of the United Nations Secretary General.