Executive Team

Brooke Partridge
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Julie Pohlig
Founder and Chief Strategist
Brendan Smith
Vice President of Professional Services
Strategy & Advocacy
Eric Collins
Board Member

Team Members

Stephanie Anabo
Senior Editor
Writer and Editor
Karen Coppock
Telecommunication, Latin America Expert
David Darkwa
Project Coordinator
Mobile Financial Services, Africa Expert
Katherine de Tolly
Senior Project Manager
Mobile Health, South Africa Expert
Leah Gatt
Director of Professional Services
Liz Grubin
Director of Professional Services
Mobile Payments and Alternative Energy, Africa Expert
Kathy Johnson
Business Operations Manager
Shivani Khanna
Senior Analyst
Mobile Financial Services, Africa Expert
Manish Kumar
Health Systems and Health Information Systems, India Expert
Chris Lukolyo
Senior Consultant
Big Data and Public-Private Partnerships Expert
Cathryn Meurn
Director of Client Services
Iris Medina
Senior Executive Assistant
Tim Nichols
Technical Analyst
Jon Payne
Senior Consultant
mHealth and eHealth Program Design and Implementation
Will Radecki
Founder and Advisor
Anna Schurmann
Senior Analyst
Global Public Health, India Expert
Derek Treatman
Director of Technology Solutions
ICT Implementation, India Expert
Melissa Ulbricht
Senior Consultant
Communications and Marketing Expert