Women and Development

Investing in women has a multiplying effect on the health, education, and well-being of families. Vital Wave works with diverse organizations to expand women’s access to enabling technologies.

The arguments for investing in ICT programs for women are compelling. Women reinvest 90% of their income in their families, which has a positive multiplier effect on education and health. And increasingly, women are using mobile phones and other technologies to improve their family’s health, education, and income. However, there is a sizeable gap between men and women in terms of technology access, ownership, and use. On average, women are 14% less likely to own a mobile phone, and far less likely to use mobile Internet than men. Further, women entrepreneurs are disproportionately underfinanced, and they are under-represented in government and the formal economy.

Vital Wave consultants are recognized as thought leaders by public- and private-sector organizations seeking to understand and design for developing-country women. The firm has worked with Qualcomm, the Cherie Blair Foundation, and GSMA to expand women’s access to enabling technologies. Vital Wave’s landmark studies on women’s use of mobile phones and mServices, and on the potential of mobile broadband to support women’s livelihoods, have informed the investment decisions of governments and development organizations around the world.

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1.7 billion women and girls in the developing world do not own a mobile phone. Empowering women with mobile phones, computers, and mobile services will improve the wellbeing of low-income families.