Energy and Environment

Climate change and environmental degradation are pressing global concerns. Vital Wave partners with development organizations, governments, and the private sector to solve complex environmental problems, with a focus on technology and sustainable, low-cost energy.

Developing countries face complex environmental challenges due to climate change, pollution, habitat loss, natural disasters, and the negative impact of tourism. These problems can undermine progress in health, economic growth, and livelihoods, and they have a disproportional impact on the poor, women, and vulnerable populations. Digital tools and services enable people to reduce the causes and effects of changing environmental conditions.

Vital Wave has worked with leading foundations on climate change mitigation strategies, and implemented digital solutions that reduce resource requirements for health, financial services, agriculture, and education . The firm has also supported the design and market entry of clean, low-cost energy alternatives.

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Access to modern energy is essential to economic growth and human wellbeing, yet 1.1 billion people live without electricity, and a large percentage of the of the world’s population uses dirty energy for cooking, heating, transportation, and manufacturing.