Emerging Cities

ICT-enabled programs and solutions can drive sustainable growth in emerging-market cities. Vital Wave works with the public and private sector to provide data-backed ICT tools and services for urban economic growth and equitable development.

Cities present a concentrated opportunity for organizations to build livelihoods, drive economic growth, and foster social inclusion. At the same time, many emerging-market cities face deep challenges associated with urban growth, poor planning, or natural disasters. ICTs (e.g., broadband networks, smart systems, digital and mobile services) are transforming the way citizens, governments, and businesses interact with one another in urban centers. ICTs can help city governments improve service delivery and become more resilient.

Vital Wave provides clients with landscape assessments strategies, and ICT program implementation in developing-country cities. The firm’s market and landscape assessments include analyses of municipal budgets and IT decision-making processes. For development organizations, Vital Wave has identified and implemented technology-enabled solutions that support service delivery and mitigate the impact of rapid growth and climate change in urban areas.

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Today’s emerging-market cities are home to a third of the world’s population; by 2030 they will hold nearly half.