Education has a profound impact on economic growth, poverty reduction, health, and equality. Vital Wave is a recognized thought leader and solution developer for education technology in emerging markets.

Developing-country governments are increasingly relying on education as a key element of their development strategies. Many are investing heavily in ICT initiatives to improve school administration, teaching, and training. ICT solutions, such as PCs or tablets, Internet, class management platforms, and instructional content can improve the quality and reach of education. These technologies provide interactive, personalized learning experiences for students and effective tools for teachers and school managers.

Vital Wave has worked with many of the world’s largest technology companies, foundations, and international development organizations to commercialize affordable, relevant education technologies and articulate the impact of ICT programs in emerging-market schools. The company also helps development organizations and governments understand the landscape for educational technology solutions and market dynamics, and develop appropriate, sustainable programs that improve educational outcomes.

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Education expenditures account for 4.3 % of GDP in low- and middle-income countries, compared to 5.1% in higher-income countries.