Agricultural production, distribution, and trade are more efficient and competitive with appropriate ICT solutions. Vital Wave and its partners deliver tech-enabled products and services across the agricultural value chain.

The agriculture sector is integral to economic development and food security in the developing world. New ICT tools and information-based services facilitate the cultivation, harvest, sale, and distribution of agricultural products and services. And the broader agriculture sector has benefited from technological innovations that increase productivity and improve food security. However, poor rural infrastructure, unfavorable market conditions, and a lack of familiarity with ICT tools and services among farmers are restraining the growth of technology in the sector.

Vital Wave is a respected partner of public- and private-sector organizations aiming to make agricultural production, distribution, and trade more efficient and competitive through appropriate ICT solutions. The company provides services that help organizations assess the landscape of digital technologies, design and implement digital services and platforms that benefit farmers, and understand where ICT can enhance productivity and reduce costs in the agriculture value chain.

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The agriculture sector provides approximately 60% of total employment and 20% of GDP in low income countries.