Impact Areas

Developing countries are home to a vast array of dynamic, interconnected development initiatives. Vital Wave works with many partners to increase the reach, uptake, cost efficiency, and socioeconomic benefits of tech-enabled programs in these impact areas.

Developing-country governments are actively investing to expand access to healthcare. Vital Wave and its partners develop and implement sustainable, scalable eHealth and mHealth solutions.
Financial Services
Access to formal banking services is still lacking in many emerging markets. Clients engage Vital Wave to design, implement, and scale digital financial services in the developing world.
Education has a profound impact on economic growth, poverty reduction, health, and equality. Vital Wave is a recognized thought leader and solution developer for education technology in emerging markets.
Agricultural production, distribution, and trade are more efficient and competitive with appropriate ICT solutions. Vital Wave and its partners deliver tech-enabled products and services across the agricultural value chain.
Women and Development
Investing in women has a multiplying effect on the health, education, and well-being of families. Vital Wave works with diverse organizations to expand women’s access to enabling technologies.
Emerging Cities
ICT-enabled programs and solutions can drive sustainable growth in emerging-market cities. Vital Wave works with the public and private sector to provide data-backed ICT tools and services for urban economic growth and equitable development.
SMBS and the Informal Economy
Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and the informal economy are critical to the economic health of developing countries. Vital Wave works with clients to assess and implement ICT solutions that strengthen SMBs and informal workers.
Energy and Environment
Climate change and environmental degradation are pressing global concerns. Vital Wave partners with development organizations, governments, and the private sector to solve complex environmental problems, with a focus on technology and sustainable, low-cost energy.
Data for Decision Making
The use of data is essential to socioeconomic development. Vital Wave helps clients maximize the use of data and analytics for improved decision making and performance.