Clients & Partners

Clients engage Vital Wave at all stages of a project lifecycle, from planning to measurement and evaluation. Clients and partners include all stakeholders in the ICT4D landscape, including foundations, international development organizations, technology and pharmaceutical companies, and governments.

Developing-country governments are essential partners in most Vital Wave engagements. The company works with national, provincial, and municipal authorities to improve service delivery, set appropriate policies and regulations, and reduce costs.
As incomes climb in developing countries, and socioeconomic progress shifts the disease burden from infectious to chronic diseases, pharmaceutical companies are pursuing opportunities to increase revenues and expand into new markets. Vital Wave is a trusted partner to pharmaceutical companies looking to develop their business in these fast-growing markets.
Mobile technologies, Internet connectivity, and data analytics are transforming global industries such as health, agriculture, and financial services. Vital Wave delivers actionable strategies and scalable business solutions to pursue new, tech-enabled growth opportunities in developing countries.
Vital Wave works with multilateral and bilateral organizations and other international development agencies to ensure that their investments are efficient and impactful. These organizations also want to create favorable conditions for private investments and trade through the spread of new technologies.
Foundations hope to ensure impact and operational efficiency of grantee programs, and improve the enabling environment for social and economic progress. Vital Wave works with foundations to devise strategies, plan, and implement scalable development programs.