Technology Companies

Mobile technologies, Internet connectivity, and data analytics are transforming global industries such as health, agriculture, and financial services. Vital Wave delivers actionable strategies and scalable business solutions to pursue new, tech-enabled growth opportunities in developing countries.

Companies engage Vital Wave to set appropriate strategies for revenues and business growth in unfamiliar markets. Emerging markets present specific challenges. Weak infrastructure, limited electricity, telephone and Internet connectivity, political and regulatory hurdles, underdeveloped supply chains, and a dearth of trained personnel hamper the introduction and scale of technology solutions. Vital Wave helps business managers at multinational corporations (MNCs) understand the market dynamics, regulatory and partnership environments, and business systems in local markets.

Vital Wave also helps technology companies increase the impact of strategic initiatives at the intersection of business and social development. The company develops, implements, and optimizes programs to achieve business and social value. Vital Wave directly engages MNC customers such as schools, hospitals, and banks to increase the reach and efficiency of service delivery, and speed the time to market for new solutions.

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