Foundations & Grantees

Foundations hope to ensure impact and operational efficiency of grantee programs, and improve the enabling environment for social and economic progress. Vital Wave works with foundations to devise strategies, plan, and implement scalable development programs.

Foundations understand the challenge of achieving scale. Solutions are often introduced to a crowded, poorly integrated environment, where long-term government buy-in is uncertain, and there is little collaboration among donors and implementing partners. The result is a fragmented landscape of small-scale, single-purpose solutions that are poorly integrated with other systems and initiatives. Even successful programs rely on over-burdened local partners, and produce few reusable assets.

Vital Wave works closely with its foundation partners to craft projects that are scalable and well-integrated in the broader ecosystem. The company develops and implements holistic, multi-purpose solutions that fit with other industries. For example, health or education payment systems benefit from integration with telecommunications and financial service providers. This ecosystem approach optimizes resource allocation and increases scalability. Foundations can increase the reach, uptake, efficiency, and socioeconomic impact of the programs they support.

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