Development Organizations

Vital Wave works with multilateral and bilateral organizations and other international development agencies to ensure that their investments are efficient and impactful. These organizations also want to create favorable conditions for private investments and trade through the spread of new technologies.

Vital Wave provides a number of services for development organizations, including the implementation of sustainable, effective ICT4D programs, and guidance or oversight of beneficiary organizations. The company also identifies and promotes best practices for scale and industry development. For example, Vital Wave is working with USAID in Uganda to institutionalize bulk payments for the beneficiaries of implementing partners – an important step toward a “cash-lite” economy.

Development organizations engage Vital Wave to identify and promote policies that support market creation and entrepreneurship. Company executives have facilitated multi-stakeholder gatherings to find collaborative, tech-enabled solutions for some of the most pressing social and economic problems in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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