Organizational Support for a Mobile Innovation Center

A consortium of foundations and development agencies wished to establish an entity to support a robust digital innovation ecosystem and coordinate the field to overcome barriers that inhibit the scale of development programs. Vital Wave was engaged to facilitate a workshop that resulted in the concept of a mobile services organization. The firm then devised a coherent operational and business plan for the entity. The plan provided an operational roadmap, including the process, timeline, staffing, and skills required to manage the organization, and a detailed budget model for the first five years. Vital Wave also provided advisory support for engaging internal and external stakeholders, and for refining the entity’s operational processes during the critical three-month start-up phase. As a result, Vital Wave conducted cross-partner negotiations for the organization which ultimately received more than $70 million in funding. The new organization officially launched in 2016 and is continuing to build its team and operational capacity.

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