Mexico Tourism Strategy and Market Development

SECTUR, Mexico’s Tourism Ministry, wanted to find ways to encourage more people look beyond its popular beaches and visit its interior regions, bringing tourism revenues to local businesses and communities off the beaten path. In October of 2009, SECTUR commissioned Vital Wave’s Sustainable Tourism practice lead, Christina Heyniger, to assess its current industry structure and natural and cultural resources. SECTUR also wanted to identify priority regions for market development, recommend product models within these areas, and suggest management and development strategies. The project team focused its review on three states — Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. The team structured its review around the Adventure Tourism Development Index’s 10 Pillars of Adventure Tourism Market Competitiveness. The team discovered a multitude of untapped opportunities and pinpointed crux issues preventing these opportunities from being realized. The recommended strategy has become the “cornerstone” of Mexico’s nature tourism efforts until 2020.

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