Education Segment Analysis for IT Products in Sub-Saharan Africa, Spanish-speaking Latin America, and China

Vital Wave provided foundational research on the education sector in sub-Saharan Africa, Spanish-speaking Latin America and China for a Fortune 50 high-tech firm. Vital Wave identified and characterized the most critical stakeholder groups. A combination of local expertise and unbiased observations led to the discovery of critical nuances in the educational sector and stakeholder models. The results were then used to inform the development of an educational solution and business models that address the needs and goals of all stakeholders in diverse target markets. Market sizing and growth projections were also provided for the education sector across Sub-Saharan Africa and Spanish-speaking Latin America. This analysis formed the basis of actionable recommendations for business and country managers charged with increasing sales in the education segment. The analysis included an evaluation of the segment-specific supply chain and value chain processes for the purchase, installation and maintenance of technology in national school systems. The roles and priorities of key value chain stakeholders were explained, and the financial opportunities relating to public and private education were presented.

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