Vital Wave brings to each engagement a unique combination of emerging-market focus, technology expertise, and business rigor. Clients and partners work with Vital Wave to understand specific industries and set appropriate strategies, implement and manage programs, and institutionalize programs within a broader national and regional ecosystem.

The company has consistently focused on opportunities for impact and business growth in developing countries for a decade. This long-term focus has enabled Vital Wave to develop the tools and methodologies for large-scale ICT4D service delivery in low-resource environments. These methods are grounded in user-centered design and a systems approach. For clients, this means programs are designed and implemented with a comprehensive view of all aspects of delivery, from user needs to the program’s place in existing systems.

Vital Wave understands that no effective ICT4D initiative can scale in a vacuum. The company helps clients develop and manage complex partnerships with complementary organizations, and advocate for policies that support market growth. The advantage for funders and beneficiaries is greater reach, higher adoption, and lower costs.